Advanced Squares of Fremont

You can pay for individual dances, or save by pre-paying for the entire year.

Pay by the dance:
     $15 per dancer for squares and rounds
     $15 per couple for round dancing only

Discounted price for the entire year of 2020 (all 12 dances):
     Paid on or before January 1, 2020:  
              $100 per square dancer or $60 per couple for rounds only
     Paid after January 1, 2020: 
              $120 per square dancer or $80 per couple for rounds only

Check out this detailed look at the savings:

Attend all 12 dances, your cost is only $ 8.33 each
Attend 11 dances, your cost is only $ 9.09 each
Attend 10 dances, your cost is only $ 10.00 each
Attend 9 dances, your cost is $ 11.11 each
Attend 8 dances, your cost is $ 12.50 each
Attend 7 dances, your cost is $ 14.29 each

The rules are simple:

·        Payment is only good for the people specified.  No substitutions.  This means if Mike pays for Mike and Sue, but he brings Karen instead, then Karen is NOT pre-paid.

·        Rates are only for calendar year 2020, no refunds or exchanges, period.

·        You can pay the yearly rate at any time, but the savings are obviously greatest if you pay early.

·        You can pay Mike in person, or mail a check payable to Mike Luna to:  Mike Luna, P.O. Box 10301, Westgate Station, San Jose CA 95117

Questions?  Phone (408) 275-8637 or email